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mit Sabine Meyer (Klarinette) und Malcolm Martineau (Klavier)

It was Johannes Brahms who first revered the youngest member of the woodwind section as the "Fräulein Klarinette", for whom he wrote magnificent chamber music late in life. But even before that, Franz Schubert, Franz Lachner and Louis Spohr had already eavesdropped on the female side of the clarinet and written intimate duets for it and soprano, to which only the piano, obligatory in the bourgeois salon, was allowed to add harmony.

Fatma Said im Portrait
Fatma Said im Portrait Parlophone LTD photographer James Bort

Artist in Residence Fatma Said, the famous clarinet soloist Sabine Meyer and pianist Malcolm Martineau bring the intimate house music mood of the Schubertiades to the Small Hall with these works of the early Romantic and Romantic periods - carried by wonderful melodies.

Works by Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Franz Lachner and Louis Spohr
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Fatma Said (Sopran)
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