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Dance performance

„Kälteschlaf“ merges physical theater and contemporary dance to explore the movement of dreams, the language of irrationality, and the aesthetics of absurdity. The performance delves into the surreal quality of body movements, the connection to our instincts for the unusual and unfamiliar while drawing inspiration from surrealist art of the last century.

Additional information
Milla Toppi is a Finnish dancer and choreographer based between Oulu-Berlin. In her work, as in „Kälteschlaf“, she plays around with surreal atmospheres, interactive clumsiness, obscure behaviors and movement unfamiliarities. She’s influenced by physical theater, visual arts and contemporary dance, of which she studied in Berlin.


Lauren Fitzgerald is a Berlin-based American dancer with roots in contact improvisation and contemporary dance forms. Her movement/performative interests revolve around improvisation, disorientation and playful presence in the natural world. In „Kälteschlaf“ she performs on stage as one part of the creature trio.


Maite Kremke was born and raised in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is a physiotherapist. She has just completed her dance education at the Etage in Berlin and works as a freelance artist on the side. In „Kälteschlaf“ she enters a surreal world and dives into the depths of the inexplicable.


Zoë Irini Lazos is a dancer and performer born and raised in Berlin. She is interested in the aesthetics and the possibilities of the absurd, the impossible and the vulnerable. In her work she is diving into movement and voice, also using other methods, such as drawing, film and writing.
Participating artists
Lauren Fitzgerald
Maite Kremke
Zoë Irini Lazos
Milla Toppi