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In new album "The Line is A Curve" Kae Tempest is about letting go. Letting go of shame, fear and isolation and just surrendering. This letting go can be felt throughout the record. In the musicianship, the instrumentation, the lyricism, the performance, the cover. In the way it ends where it begins, and begins where it ends.


"I knew I wanted my face on the cover. Throughout my creative life, I've craved the spotlight and been desperately uncomfortable in it. With the last few records, I wanted to completely disappear from the album covers, the videos, and the superficial aspects of this industry. A lot of it had to do with my shame, but I hid it behind a genuine desire for my work to speak for itself without me being front and center and commodifying what felt so rare and sacred to me. Sometimes I resented having to out myself to get the work published. But this time I understand it differently. I want people to feel welcomed by me, the person who made this record, and I've let go of some of my loftier concerns. I feel more grounded in what I'm trying to do, who I am as an artist and as a person, and what I have to offer. I'm less ashamed of my body because I'm not hiding from the world anymore. I wanted to show my face, and I dreamed of Wolfgang Tillmans doing the portrait."

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