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Do you want to know which is worse: oj wej or oj oj? To what extent is a Jewish mother just like all other mothers – but only almost? Why split Zores are double Zores? What makes the whole mess immediately messy? What happened to Mojsche when he became a goy? Why speaking Yiddish is like making love? Or why do you need Ezzes when you don't think you need them? If you want to know all of this, you will get answers that may be almost true.

That evening, Alexander Estis Tacheles talks, even when he's telling schmonzes. The Jewish-Russian-German-Swiss author with Ukrainian-Moldovan roots reads from his linguistic acrobatic satires, which appear regularly in the “Ezzes von Estis” column in Neues Deutschland.

Alexander Estis is a writer and columnist. Born in 1986 into a Jewish artist family in Moscow, he moved to Germany in 1996 and to Switzerland in 2016. He writes, among other things: for FAZ, SZ, ZEIT, NZZ and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. His seventh book, the prose volume “Fluchten”, was published in 2023. Most recently he was awarded the Kurt Tucholsky Prize.