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Deepest Night - Brightest Day

Jürgen Durner - translucent
Jürgen Durner - translucent © Jürgen Durner

Translucent means clear, diaphanous, the light shining out from within, the colours from beneath showing through. In my painting, I am interested by the secrets of this introspective glow of colour.
I am also interested in our world, the reality of what I perceive. And thirdly, I am interested in art, the opportunity to pack the everyday into an exaggeration or deepening of what appears directly.

The image of a pane of glass—opening a view of the room behind it and yet at the same time reflecting the room it is facing—sometimes fulfils this need I have. The colours of the two rooms merge into one another, broken only by the filter of the membrane, of the reflecting glass. This spatial symbiosis gives birth to a new space; one that can be irritating. I have to reorient myself within it, must now recognize other connotations than before.

The use of this means of disturbance allows me to cultivate a culture of personal innuendo.
My philosophical and political worldview, psychologically charged, then finds its way into a painted image, yet without appearing there in the forefront. It seems translucent as well, emerging covertly at best. The effectiveness of the painting thus remains an open question; there is no clarity in a narrative that would have to be broken down in order to interpret it. The fields of association of the paintings remain open.

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