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So, let's have a nice evening! Because it's still quiet. But everyone feels: It won't stay that way. Capitalism is based on infinite growth. But how can that work on a finite planet? The finale of our fossil fireworks collapses with a China firecracker of all things.

Jürgen Becker
Jürgen Becker © Jörn Neumann

Even neoliberal economists are now shrugging their shoulders guilty and talking about market failure. Did we fuck up? Ecology & economy are swirling our customary law and our utility bill. A groundbreakingly angry storm is looming. So do we stretch out our hands to the heater and drive into the wall in our SUV after the party? Or do we turn the corner into a pleasurable life full of comical intelligence? Jürgen Becker develops the optimal optimism without opiates and gets us all under his warm blanket. There, they research exactly what holds the world together when it falls apart - and how it is right for everyone to save you now.

His humour breathes, keeps the time window tipped over and makes the odds even better. You go home and think: There's still something left!

Program in German language

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