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It is amazing how JULI with their music and the unmistakable voice of frontwoman Eva Briegel reach people's emotional worlds after only a few seconds and then fill them with a cheerful and energetic melancholy without being asked. A quality that made an incredible band history possible: over 1.5 million albums sold, gold and triple platinum awards, top 10 charts and radio hits like "Perfekte Welle" and "Geile Zeit".

Portrait der Band JULI
Portrait der Band JULI RAW SOULS

But then the pause button: Approach everything a little differently. What followed was a personal and artistic creative break that JULI took to live away from the stage, discover new things about the world and themselves, and write songs, completely free without deadline pressure or expectations. In 2019, "Fahrrad", a first song of the new JULI era, was released and immediately reached over 10 million streams.

It was actually supposed to be the kickstart, but the pandemic threw all plans into disarray. JULI went into the studio anyway and recorded over 30 demos that took them back to their roots - but most importantly, back to the feeling they had at the very beginning, before JULI became one of the most successful German bands.

With "Fette Wilde Jahre" the new single is now released and heralds the next big JULI chapter. Fans can look forward to new songs, a new album and a tour next year. The play button is firmly pressed again.

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