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The special feature of Jule Malischke, and this is certainly a unique selling point, lies in her musical diversity. She builds bridges effortlessly with her brilliant guitar playing, which is second to none, between virtuoso different styles of concert guitar literature, complex fingerstyle arrangements, and her sung songs, which she presents with great passion and much poetry.

Jule Malischke mit Gitarre
Jule Malischke mit Gitarre © Foto Jan Walford - Ev. Kirchengemeinde Petrus-Giesensdorf Lichterfelde

These mostly original songs authentically reflect the life of a young woman - with all her longings and dreams. Occasionally interspersed with cover songs, she gives them a face of their own. She plucks, strums and plays her instrument in such a way that a fresh overall sound is created.

Crossover' or also 'Classic meets Songwriting'

Admission: 16 €

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Petruskirche Lichterfelde