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She would never call herself that, but the grande dame of enlightened chanson still has a lot to say and sing. A life's achievement always contains a wealth of experience. In the case of Barbara Thalheim, that of an independent, critical spirit that does not ignore the contradictions, upheavals and continuities of a musical and political life on stage.

The Berlin singer-songwriter will be making a guest appearance at the Volksbühne with her favorite musicians and colleagues from 50 years on the stage. Of course, “her” string quartet from the 70s and 80s will be there, among others.


  • Gerhard Schöne, songwriter
  • String Quartet: Jens Naumilkat, cello; Prof. Erich Krüger, viola; Mark Chaet, 2nd violin; Christian Trompler, 1st violin
  • Double + electric bass: Felix-Otto Jacobi
  • Accordion: Christine Paté
  • Percussion: Göran Schade
  • Guitars: Jürgen Ehle from rock band PANKOW, Christian Stoltz, Noah Yochai Sadeh
  • Piano: Eren Solak voc. git: Barbara Thalheim

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