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“Come, hurry and run”! Bach’s “Easter Oratorio” is full of verve and Easter joy. It is one of Bach's works that the composer himself valued particularly highly and performed frequently. Today it is rarely performed, in the shadow of the Passions and the Christmas Oratorio.

The soloists, the Frohnauer Cantata Choir and the chamber orchestra have now studied it in detail and are very much looking forward to the music, which is so lively and joyful in terms of content.

The concert program is rounded off with the two famous Bach motets “I won’t let you” and “Don’t be afraid”. These two delicate compositions form an exciting dialogue pair both musically and in terms of content.

Entrance tickets at the municipal office or the Haberland bookstore

Entrance tickets €20.00 / reduced €10.00 / children up to 14 years €5.00 at the municipal office