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The first “Journey of Courage” summit for BIWOC and TIN*BIPOC Entrepreneurs in Berlin will take place on February 10, 2024. The congress for a more inclusive corporate landscape is the first of its kind in Germany and brings inspiring speakers on the topic of entrepreneurship to the stage. Among them are Leni Charles from "Kids of the Diaspora", Beatrace Angut Lorika Oola from "Fashion Africa Now" and Ouassima Laabich from "Muslim Futures".

The extraordinary one-day event is initiated by Brave Spaces 2.0, an empowerment project by BIWOC* Rising and Founderland.

Key highlights

Pioneering speakers:

  • Leni Charles, founder of Kids of the Diaspora
  • Cérise C. Carson, Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach
  • Ouassima Laabich, initiator and project manager of MUSLIM FUTURES at Superrr Lab
  • Beatrace Angut Lorika Oola, founder of Fashion Africa Now
  • Sameela Königsmann Corr, Business Manager
  • ShaNon Bobinger, moderator
Exciting accompanying program:
Workshops for entrepreneurial success strategies and meaningful networking