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Fairy tales - really grim!: Jorinde and Joringel & Rapunzel

The specially developed format by the Hexenberg Ensemble brings to light how closely the crude charm of these fairy tales, their disconcerting comedy and the unwieldy shudder are connected with everyone's very own fears and hopes.

KEY VISUAL Jorinde und Joringel
KEY VISUAL Jorinde und Joringel © Daniel Wetzel

Jorinde and Joringel

...loves Joringel loves Jorinde loves.... yes, beautiful!

But only when hearts break, love becomes great, only fear and pain of irretrievable loss teaches us to appreciate it. A fairy tale, finely spun from poetic stammering, from love, madness, death, rapture and magic, grips us with a cold hand to the heart, until with a bleak, sore sigh it finally holds still forever. Whoever thinks that there is no more room for romantic feelings is mistaken! Jorinde loves Joringel: and only when they have died do they love forever.


"Rapunzel, let down your hair...", words of a fairy tale at least as ancient as its authors who recorded them in writing for posterity. Everyone knows this fairy tale: A story of the fulfillment of the most ardent desires and the first great and everlasting love. But if we allow this fairy tale to become reality, it begins to take possession of us and suddenly the characters become part of us. Suddenly it is the fairy tale that observes and questions the viewer. Everything turns upside down and abysses open up that can only find expression in an opulent baroque opera.

(Program in German)
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