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The popular Hexenberg ensemble performs the two fairy tales Jorinde and Joringel & Cinderella in its usual imaginative interpretation.

Szene aus Jorinde und Joringel
Szene aus Jorinde und Joringel Daniel Wetzel

Jorinde and Joringel

...Joringel loves Jorinde loves... yes, beautiful!

But only when hearts break, love becomes great, only fear and pain of irretrievable loss teaches us to appreciate it. A fairy tale, finely spun from poetic stammering, from love, madness, death, rapture and magic, grips us with a cold hand to the heart, until with a bleak, sore sigh it finally holds still forever. Whoever thinks that there is no more room for romantic feelings is mistaken! Jorinde loves Joringel: and only when they have died do they love forever.


"Always remain pious and always good. And I will always be around you." Always. Always. Always. A promise of happiness made to a child by its mother that is not kept. Instead, the child discovers a world that simply does not correspond to his basic trust and sense of justice. And yet it does not let its backbone be broken and fights for its promise of happiness. Forever!

(Program in German)
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