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Presentation of Family Collections as part of Archives Day (in German)

The colleagues from the JMB archive invite you to a Show & Tell: As part of the exhibition "My poetry is like dynamite". Curts Bloch's Het Onderwater Cabaret, they present stories of German Jews who sought refuge in exile in the Netherlands during the Nazi era.

The children Edgar Lax, Arno and Ulli Rosenfeld fled from Berlin to the Netherlands without their parents in 1939 and found shelter in the Dommelhuis refugee home near Eindhoven. The Beck family from Chemnitz emigrated to Amsterdam as early as 1932 due to increasing anti-Semitism. After initially being able to build a new life for themselves, they were increasingly threatened after the German invasion and eventually survived in hiding. The married couple Hans and Alice Bergmann from Frankfurt am Main, whose daughter Marion was born in hiding in 1944, also survived in hiding.
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Meeting point: Old building ground floor, Auditorium, Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin