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BEATKiste - Best of CCR

What started cautiously in 2014 has developed over the last few years into one of the largest Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute acts in Germany. The John Fogerty Coveration (JFC for short) is one of the most booked CCR tribute bands with loaded shows, namely -The German Tribute to CCR-.

The band tours in all federal states and is a regular guest in popular live clubs in Berlin, Bocholt and Hamburg. Whether at festivals such as “Woodstock forever and ever” (50 years of Woodstock) in Berlin on the Biesdorfer Parkbühne or various events (e.g. “Rheinpuls” at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz etc.) - the band brings a real CCR feeling leaves enthusiastic faces - not just among die-hard Creedence fans.

The John Fogerty Coveration offers the audience a musical journey back in time to the 60s/70s through CCR's 5-year creative phase. From the debut album to the last joint album “Mardi Gras”, nothing is left out. This means that a JFC concert can last up to almost 3 hours.

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