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What does John Cale have that the rest of us don't - some gene that causes endless restlessness, a rapacious spirit that is never satisfied?

John Cale
John Cale Madeleine McManus

For nearly 60 years, or at least since he moved to New York as a young Welshman and formed The Velvet Underground, Cale has reinvented his music with startling and inspiring regularity.

Now, after a decade, he releases his first full new album, MERCY!

MERCY - John Cale

Once again, Cale has redefined the way his music is made, sounds and even works.

His captivating 12-track album MERCY moves through true electronic dark-night-of-the-soul agony to vulnerable love songs and hopeful musings for the future with the help of some of music's most curious young minds.
Laurel Halo, Sylvan Esso, Animal Collective: they're just half of the amazing cast here, brilliant musicians who climb inside Cale's fully realized vision of the world and help him reshape it.

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