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25 Years DRA Anniversary Tour DRA is a research ensemble of composer and vibraphonist Christopher Dell, focusing on the exploration of closed form.

Together with his colleagues Christian Ramond (bass) and Felix Astor (drums), Dell takes the traditional sound of the acoustic vibraphone trio into the future of contemporary music compositions of tomorrow.

With DRA, Dell presents a "unique blend of composition, improvisation, communication, and complex metrical modulations that reflect his deep commitment to organisational study." (George Lewis)Performed with tremendous vitality, the material oscillates between different metres and tempos, constantly shifting gears.

This music is complex yet sounds very fluid. Founded in 1998, the trio has developed a very dense rhythmic texture, dynamic power and high abstraction through a "recherche de longue durée".

Concerts and releases over the years have delighted audiences and critics alike.DRA has toured extensively, including for the German Goethe Institute in Brazil, Uruguay, the Czech Republic, Mexico and the USA. In 2002 DRA received the JazzArtAward. 2001.

Jazzkeller 69 presents the Trio DRA

  • Christopher Dell - vibraphone
  • Christian Ramond - bass
  • Felix Astor - drums

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