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Jazzkeller 69 presents birthday duos: Aki Takase - Daniel Erdmann and Silke Eberhard - Uli Gumpert.

Aki Takase - Daniel Erdmann
"Complex chords and confident melodies together with a complicit balance in which the protagonists cross the finish line hand in hand like two runners. In the end, we leave the duo with the urge to dance." ~ Bruno Pfeiffer, Liberation

Silke Eberhard - Uli Gumpert
"Peanuts & Vanities" is what the two Berlin improvisers call the dozen duo miniatures for which they met without any agreements, let alone finished pieces. Silke Eberhard and Ulrich Gumpert are a generation apart, but musically they come together playfully, bulky and sometimes "free", but full of communicative agreement. ~ klm, JazzThing

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