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Jazzkeller 69 presents the quartet Sog with Lina Allemano, Uwe Oberg, Matthias Bauer and Rudi Fischerlehner.

  • Lina Allemano – trumpet
  • Uwe Oberg – piano
  • Matthias Bauer – double bass
  • Rudi Fischerlehner – drums

"The art of thinking and performing music simultaneously".
In 1954, the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians used these few words to describe the musical phenomenon of improvisation. It's that simple!
Improvisation thrives on the moment, but also on understanding each other and exchanging ideas. The constant search for new musical partners is part of this process. This creates new colours on the palette of individual expression.
Here is a new constellation. Bauer and Fischerlehner are already working together in their trio "The Third Stand".
The desire for another project with piano arose. Bauer already played with Uwe Oberg 30 years ago and so the contact was renewed.
It was quickly agreed that Lina Allemano would be the fourth member of the group. In June her CD 'Sog' was released by creativesourcerecordings. This concert will be their 'record release'.

(...) The musicians create a vortex, sometimes a drop of water, but always controlled and relatively tonal.
Perhaps the best word to describe this music is chamber music jazz.
Sometimes delicate, restless, and sometimes calm as dead water, but only for a moment, and full of ideas, however fleeting they may be.
When you're distracted, it's gone. What I mean by that is that you have to listen carefully to pick up on the smallest details and hear how the musicians relate to each other.

A big compliment goes to the sound engineer Tito Knapp, Fischerlehner, who was responsible for the mix, and Olaf Rupp for the mastering. It all sounds clear and vibrant. All the details can be heard clearly. Get this CD right now!
~ Mark Daelmans-Sikkel, vital

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