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MFA KERA and Black Heritage feat Mike Russell

Black Heritage was founded in Berlin in the early 1990s. The band performs constantly in the USA, Europe and elsewhere and mostly divides their time between Germany and the USA.

The music offers an exciting mix of original compositions with African roots, compositions from the entire African diaspora - from Afro Beats to Blues, Reggae, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Arabic, Soul and Jazz, Rap and Gospel.

The diversity and abundance of their rich repertoire and the high quality of the soloists and compositions mean that the group is in the right place both in jazz and at world music events and festivals.

  • MFA KERA, Madagascar (vocals)
  • Mike Russell, USA (guitar)
  • Charles Sammons, USA (bass)
  • Herve Hartock, (Martinique) drums)
  • Reinhard Katemann - Germany - keyboard
Additional information
Participating artists
Madagaskar( vocals)
Mike Russell
USA ( guitar)
Charles Sammons
USA ( bass)
Herve Hartock
(Martinique) Drums)
Reinhard Katemann- Deutschland- keyboard.