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Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble

  • Leonhard Huhn – alto sax, clarinet
  • Peter Ehwald – tenor + soprano sax, clarinet
  • Magnus Schriefl – trumpet
  • Elena Kakaliagou – horn
  • Almut Kühne – vocals
  • Peter Meyer – guitar
  • Igor Spallati – bass
  • Roland Neffe – vibraphone, percussion
  • Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone, percussion
  • Stefan Schultze – fender rhodes, composition
The pianist, composer and university lecturer Stefan Schultze leads a large ensemble that is suitable for both compositions and improvisations.

The versatile group has been impressing audiences for over a decade with a mix of jazz, rock, pop, new music, classical, ethnic sounds and more.
Last year, Stephan Schultze released the dazzling "The Levels" on the Jazzwerkstatt label. Created during a stay in Japan in 2017, the music draws inspiration from technological life in Tokyo to traditional Buddhist chants and meditation music. Another current project, Buchla Suite, explores the electronic music created in the late 1960s with the then-new Buchla 100 synthesiser. With such a wide range of musical styles and such a diverse cast of musicians and instruments, there is hardly any musical terrain that will not be explored when Stephan Schultze's large ensemble follows up last year's performance with what is sure to be an exciting musical programme.

‘Nick & Niko’ -The Nick Haywood-Niko Schauble Quintet

  • Nick Haywood – bass
  • Niko Schauble – drums
  • Burkhard Jasper – piano
  • Christof Griese – woodwinds
  • Adrian Sherriff – bass trombone
A reunion of sorts: Nick Haywood and Niko Schäuble both live in Australia and have a 30-year musical relationship. Schäuble also has a strong connection to Berlin, where he studied music in the 1980s, and to the Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra (JayJayBeCe) of the City West Music School Big Band, which has worked with Jazzkeller69 for almost 25 years. The big band, which has been led from the beginning by its founder Christof Griese, plays among other things according to scores written and arranged by Schäuble. Griese is one half of the brass section on the woodwinds. The other half is Adrian Sherrif, another Australian collaborator of Schäuble. The concert is a premiere for this quintet of old and new friends. The discography of these musicians points to expansive, melodic modern jazz that defies easy categorisation.