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Jan Plewka sings Rio Reiser, second part! WANN, WENN NICHT JETZT? again brings together songs from the time of Rio Reiser's solo career, but focusses on the songs from the Ton Steine Scherben years. Jan Plewka and Die Schwarz-Rote Heilsarmee bring the music of the Scherben into the present. The songs have become darker and harder.

The will to change back then is charged with anger about today's conditions and made tangible. The cheerful hits and tender love songs have given way to political and militant songs. No more "König von Deutschland", no more "Junimond". They play "Jenseits von Eden", "Warum geht es mir so dreckig?" and "Macht kaputt, was Euch kaputt macht".

A big, powerful and visually rich show that moves between theatre, performance and concert.
And Jan Plewka once again follows in the footsteps of Rio Reiser, turning his songs into his own on stage.
This music is not at all outdated, according to the Hamburger Abendblatt.

  • Jan Plewka (vocals)
  • Lieven Brunckhorst (piano, saxophone)
  • Marco Schmedtje (guitar)
  • Dirk Ritz (bass), Martin Engelbach (drums)

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