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Traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design

12 local and international designers and artists show limited editions of design objects with different histories of creation.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: IVORY
© Hvila Editions

While exhibition title IVORY implies a certain visual palette, it also, rather immediately, evokes powerful imagery with overwhelming implications. The historical, political, and ecological connotations of the title comprise more than a side story; they have inscribed themselves in the term “ivory” as problematic burdens. This exhibition undertakes the discourse around ivory as a metaphor as well as its projection onto the practice of contemporary design. In newfound contexts, the design objects presented in IVORY reveal their own narratives.

IVORY invites viewers to consider objects’ cultural origins, the global exchange of ideas, skills and raw materials, as well as the potential of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The selection of works include a wide spectrum of design including home décor, kitchen accessories and furniture pieces, but also fashion items and jewelry, that are in limited editions or made especially for the exhibition.

Each object has been created through a hands-on approach, whereby the physical process of making — whether that’s material exploration or experimentation of a traditional technique — determines the object’s final form. Short films, photos and interviews document the production process, the culture and mastery of their creators.

  • Hana Karim Studio | Ljubljana (SL)
  • hettler.tüllmann | Berlin (D), Miami (US)
  • Mapico | Kiew (UA)
  • nojin | Nürnberg (D)
  • nomad | Hamburg (D)
  • oh-licht | Berlin (D)
  • Riccardo Masini Scultura | Rom (IT)
  • Rita in Palma | Berlin (D)
  • Robert George | Northamptonshire (UK)
  • Sasson Rafailov | Charlottesville (US)
  • Steven Haulenbeek | Chicago (US)
  • Veronika Beckh | Berlin (D)
Saturday, 30. April, 6-9pm
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