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Jazz concert

Under the motto "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!" the Max Stramm quintet jazzt through beer gardens, festivals, clubs. Fast bop, bursting with energy. Latin pieces that tempt you to bop along. Ballads that make the audience's heart beat faster. Classic swing to snap your fingers to.

This mixture is well received, as the comments show: "That's a good thing to listen to!". "Now I was at a jazz concert for the first time, was great!". "Music to listen to!" After one of the rare wild solos, one listener was also heard with a Bavarian accent: "Is that Egyptian beer garden music now, or what?" No, it isn't. The Max Stramm Quintet plays a colorful mixture of little-heard jazz standards.

An event organized by the Queen Luise Church Association.

Free admission - donations welcome

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