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He is one of the most up-and-coming newcomers on the Swedish pop scene. He is a singer, songwriter and captivates with an extraordinary voice. Isak Danielson, a young musician with a mature and fascinating voice that undoubtedly gets under your skin, as if revealing an old soul in a young body.

This exceptional talent is now coming to Germany for the first time as part of his subsequent European tour. Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne are on the tour schedule.

With his emotional vulnerability and wistfulness in his powerful voice, the young musician will provide very special live moments.

Despite his young age of 25, Isak Danielson can already look back on a 10-year career. Initially active as a songwriter, he released his debut EP Volume One at the age of 17.

His breakthrough finally came with the release of his first album Yours.
At the time, his pop song Ending was given such a boost by dancer and influencer Maddie Ziegler, whose dance video went viral, that the track soon became one of the favourite songs of professional dancers who created choreographies all over the world.
These include "So You Think You Can Dance" (US) and the Canadian dance show "Revolution". In addition, "Ending" served as the dramatic "backdrop" for a nearly five-minute emotional final scene in the Marvel TV series "Cloak and Dagger", which earned him a place in the top 10 of the "Hollywood Reporter Top TV Songs" chart.

Despite all his successes, Isak Danielson is still at the very beginning of a flourishing career, which will blossom further with his upcoming European tour.

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