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The international literature festival berlin - in short: ilb - does not only bear its claim prominently in its name.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin
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Every year in September, the festival presents contemporary developments in prose, poetry, nonfiction, graphic novels and children's and youth literature from all over the world, discusses highly topical political issues and scientific discourse, and actively promotes reading and literature education.

With the aim of addressing the broadest possible audience and involving them in the festival in various ways, readings, discussions, encounters and workshops will take place over eleven days in Berlin. The festival offers people in Berlin and the region the extraordinary opportunity to gain a concentrated insight into the worldwide literary scene with its highly diverse forms, temperaments and styles. During the festival period, the capital city will become a center and resonating space of international literary life.

The international literature festival berlin is committed to human rights, openness to the world, multi-perspectivity, dialogue and hospitality.

Further information about the program and the authors can be found here.

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