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Prize for Contemporary Literatures in Translation

For the fifteenth time, HKW and the foundation Elementarteilchen award the Internationaler Literaturpreis – Prize for Contemporary Literatures in Translation. The award of €35,000—€20,000 for the author and €15,000 for the translator—honours an outstanding work of contemporary international literature that has been translated into German for the first time. In this way, the prize recognizes both the original work and the work of translation.

This dual focus makes the prize unique in Germany. Building on the existing legacy of the prize to expand the understanding of heterogeneous forms of storytelling, this year, first translations of international poetry into German may also be submitted.

Publishers of international literature in German translation are invited to submit up to three titles for consideration. From all submissions, an independent jury first selects a shortlist. In a second round, the prize-winning author and translator are chosen. The award is presented on 9 September 2023 on the roof terrace of HKW.
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Meeting point: Paulette Nardal Terrace