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with project manager Jana Giesa and restorer Dagmar Dammann, both SPSG

On July 6, 2023, project manager Jana Giesa and restorer Dagmar Dammann will guide you through the construction site of the Orangery Palace in Potsdam.

The tour at 5 p.m. will be transmitted directly to the @SPSGmuseum account on Instagram and allows users to be there live.

In 1830, when he was crown prince, Friedrich Wilhelm IV began planning a new representative palace that was to correspond to his ideal of the Italian Renaissance. The highlight of this ensemble: the actual castle is flanked on both sides by more than 100 m long orangery halls, in which the Mediterranean plants could overwinter. Another 20 years would pass before he was able to put his plans into action. Having been crowned king in the meantime, construction work began in 1851 according to designs by Andreas Stüler, in which the king was, however, quite involved. Friedrich Wilhelm IV died in 1861 and tragically could not live to see the completion of his project.

In the meantime, more than 150 years have passed and the ravages of time have gnawed at the Orangery Palace. The first restoration and renovation work began as early as 2010 and is now being continued in several construction phases. Let's start the tour with the first two restoration projects: the panel parquet in the Boulle room and the gilded stucco ceiling in the malachite room as well as the window renovation in the castle rooms and dive into the covered rooms.

Let the team take you to the construction site on the Instagram Live tour and Dagmar Dammann and Jana Giesa explain the planned restoration and renovation work - including fascinating and unique insights into a castle asleep like a Sleeping Beauty. So tune in!

Questions from the participants are expressly welcome!
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