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United Puppets | recommended from 4-9 years

Can you imagine living in a city where everything is gray? Houses, streets, playgrounds, stuffed animals, strawberry cakes, Christmas trees, balloons, giant lollipops, summer dresses, blackberries, butterflies?

In such a city lives the painter Vermilion. Yet he loves all colors! His longing, his love must be closed to Vermilion. For the people of this city have become accustomed to the gray. But then he meets the children Jonas and Paula. They are on fire for blue, red, green, purple, yellow, orange - in all shades and colors! Something monstrous happens!

Duration: 60 minutes

Price category C

The theater ticket entitles you to use the house offer on weekends, vacations and vacation days.

(Program in German)

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United Puppets