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Everything is only ecological, everyone is fit and you should always be in harmony with yourself so that your own intestines become even more charming. It's not all easy.

What a prospect for someone who has just turned 60 and really wants nothing more than to finally be offered a seat on the tram?

Charming but direct, weekly show anchorman Ingolf Lück dissects a world that spins so fast that sometimes it's worth just stopping, looking around and waiting for the next train. He dedicates himself to the big as well as the not so urgent questions of this time:

Why aren't there trapdoors at the end of escalators? And how should you behave if you find a 50-cent piece in a kebab shop or your own daughter suddenly brings Veith along? After more than 30 years on stage, Ingolf Lück finally has advice.

(Program in German)

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