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Best-Of: "Mit Abstand mein bestes Programm"

Ingo has put together a mix of his best numbers, which are without stage participation and by far the best.

Unusual times call for unusual measures, and that's where Bielefeld is big. All of his shows in times of Corona have so far been celebrated and highly praised by the press and audience because he not only accepts the challenge, he also masters it with flying colors.

Despite the distance, Ingo seeks closeness to his audience and creates a special, personal evening. Stand up, magic, improvisation come and go every second, whereby the depth is not neglected.

This time will go down in history and at some point someone will ask you: "Where were you during the Corona crisis?" At home? And you can say: “No, with Ingo Oschmann. We laughed away the crisis together for a moment and it felt incredibly good.

(Program in German)

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