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Info day “Simply good work”

The workshops' information day in Berlin offers comprehensive information on job opportunities and educational opportunities for people with disabilities, professionals and their family members at a central location. These workshops work together to organize and ensure the long-term integration of people with disabilities into working life. At the same time, they are implementing new approaches to actively design a contemporary integration offering.

The "Information Day of the Workshops - "Simply Good Work"" includes introductions to various work areas and fields of activity, presentations of products and services as well as innovative educational approaches. There is the opportunity for discussions, lectures and workshops with numerous interesting conversation partners, including representatives of social welfare providers and the Berlin Employment Agency. The workshops' art workshops also present artistic works in a small exhibition.

In particular, students with disabilities or those in need of support, as well as their parents and teachers, have the opportunity to gain insights into future training and employment opportunities during the information day.
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