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The exhibitions UN_ENDLICH. LIFE WITH DEATH ends on 26.11.2023. In an exhibition and in various programmes, it deals with questions such as: How do we live with death? What is a good death? What remains of us?

The exhibition is designed as a tour. What makes it special: Installations and spatial experiences make the topic a multimedia and interactive experience. Voices from different faith communities talk about their ideas of the afterlife. You become part of a video conference with people from twelve countries who are united by the fact that they accompany other people into death.

An audio light narrative tells you what happens during death from a scientific and medical perspective. You will gain an insight into special traditions of dealing with the bodies of the deceased and an Islamic corpse washing. And you will encounter questions that lie far beyond your own horizon: How (un)equal are living and dying conditions worldwide? What responsibility do we have for the death of other people? And is the current extinction of species even threatening the self-extinction of our species?

In guided tours, they can discover, discuss and scrutinise the scenically designed rooms together and make connections to the presentations in the Humboldt Forum.

Dates: un_endlich. About living with death. Public guided tour: 12.11., 18.11., 19.11., 25.11. each at 11:00 a.m.

The programme of events focuses on a lively examination of death across different art forms and generations. During the consultation hour, you will be able to talk directly to a death counsellor, a pathologist, a policewoman or a grief speaker.

- Next dates for the event: Consultation hours: 12.11. + 19.11.2023 each at 14:00

- Exhibition: 12.00 EUR / 6.00 EUR reduced; 9.00 EUR with the Berlin WelcomeCard
- Special exhibition 1+2, ground floor
- Languages: German/English

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