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This summer, the two colors indigo and sunny yellow inspire three events on the raised bed benches. These special colors come from plants that have been brought to Europe from different parts of the world. They are interwoven in many layers with European colonial history.

Through performative readings, musical interaction between plants and people and coloring together, the artists invite you to listen to each other and to exchange ideas with and about these extraordinary plants. Spiritual aspects and courageous women play an important role in the stories presented.

Inspired by indigenous philosophies, the artists want to explore forms of dialogue at eye and ear level. The readings and the music are recorded and can then be accessed later via a QR code visible on the raised bed benches for everyone to listen to

Curated by Gudrun Ingratubun and Nelden Djakababa Gericke

Sunday 10/01/23, 5 p.m

Reading on indigenous natural philosophies in German + sign language and English - performance - collective poetry on seed paper

Participating artists: Bilawa Respati, Citlali Huezo, Kei Watanabe, Kunigunde Berberich, Mojisola Adebayo, Rosanna Lovell, Setu Legi, Simon Köslich and many more

Bring a picnic blanket or folding stool for more comfort. An artistic activity for children / child care will be offered during the event.

Location: Raised bed benches on Karl-August-Platz, opposite Krumme Straße 38, 10627 Berlin