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Berlin's open-air festival of Indian food and Bollywood takes place on 29 July at OST Hafen.

Come experience an incredible artists line-up and a weekend filled with Indian food, fun, and frolic !

Experience the rich flavors and cultural diversity of India at the Indian Summer Fest 2023 in Berlin on 29th July 2023.

From 11:30 am until midnight, indulge in aromatic and delicious Indian food and drinks, prepared by Berlin's biggest Indian chefs and Indian pop-up concepts from Germany.

The event also features a food market and various attractions for a truly immersive experience.

29th July 2023 - Starts 11:00 am until Midnight

20 x Indian Street Food Stands incl. Food & Products from the Indian Community

Bollywood Dance After Party 

Tickets are 5€ at the door (kostenlos unter 16 Jahre alt)