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by Atilla Oener

Kubi used to be one of the most popular party organisers of the city. Now he is living with his parents again. They migrated to Germany from Turkey in the 1970s, worked hard and achieved modest prosperity. They were able to grant their son some liberties, but will not support him financially. Kubi does casual jobs. Currently at the check-in of the airport. Crash landing?

With Im Strom, Attila Oener showcases the roller coaster ride of life. The short-term goal of his protagonist: pay off debts, stand on own feet and be someone again! And the long-term goals? Kubi is fed up with everyday racism, the notions of the good (family) life of his parents, the I-have-therefore-I-am mindset of his surroundings. Then Hassan enters his life. The work colleague with the motto “kill them with kindness”. Where does Hassan get his calmness, his sense of security and this energy from? When Hassan invites Kubi over after work, the search for his own life takes an unexpected turn. Even if one doesn’t know where one is headed, the announced turbulences will still catch you.

After Territory, which premiered on December 3, 2021, Im Strom is the second production by Atilla Oener at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße. And yet it is a debut: Atilla Oener stages a text by Atilla Oener. This dramatic script was created within the framework of the writing workshop Unconventional Signs – New Post-Migrant Theatre at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße during the 2020/21 season.

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Additional information
Direction & text: Atilla Oener

Assistant director: Uriara Maciel

Dramaturgy: Fabian Larsson

Light design: Emilio Cordero Checa

Sound design: Özgür Akgül 

Stage design: Cheng-Ting Chen

Costume: Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein

Assistant stage & costume design: Val de Licer

Makeup: Leila Brunner

With: Jean-Philippe Adabra, Aylin Esener, Sophia Hankings-Evans, Selin Kavak, Cem Sultan Ungan

Production management: Leonard Beck

A production by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. First production created as part of the project Unconventional Signs – new post-migrant Theater, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion of the State of Berlin and the Capital Cultural Fund.