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Contemporary dance theater with live music

IJAKADI OKAN builds a bridge between the traditional legends and stories of the Nigerian Yorùbá culture and the present, between the metropolises of Hamburg and Lagos. In interplay with live music and poetry, Israel Akpan Sunday choreographs the West African tradition of collective storytelling and transfers it into a contemporary context.

IJAKADI OKAN © Öncü Gültekin

Moving between traditional and modern African dances, he focuses on the "inner struggles" (translation of the title from the Yorùbá) and human challenges such as dealing with stereotypes and different forms of knowledge transmission.

An audience discussion with the Theaterscouts Berlin will take place after the performance on 15.07.2022. (Program in German)
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Participating artists
Israel Akpan Sunday
Sarah Lasaki
Nana Anine
Bettina Russmann
Paul Timmich
Stanley Ikechukwu Njoku
Larissa Potapov
Julia Hehlke
Vivienne Lütteken (FAMILY PRODUCTION)
Nadine Freisleben (Apricot Productions)