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Dance Music Theater Painting

Up - this is the world! The creative child at play, discovering everything around him for the first time - his own body, nature - the absurdities of our society. Being someone - in the simplicity of things and without arrogance.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: I love everyone I know!
© Robert Ziegler

How much art is there in the creation by children's hands and in children's words? Is there a sense here, a beat that we have forgotten in our adult habitus?

With the multidisciplinary performance I love everyone I know!, which will premiere on January 26 at Dock 11, director, dancer and Michael Laub student Astrid Endruweit presents a multi-layered and profound work that explores the creative power of young children and reflects their inner world through words, music, painting and movement. 

I love everyone I know!

Group Endruweit
Live performance
Woman with cake.

The fear of dying without having given birth 6 channel - video installation January 26 - 29, 2023 - at Dock 11. 

Idea/direction/implementation: Astrid Endruweit   

  • Duration of the performance: 90 min (live) + 24 min (video installation)
  • Language: German/English 

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Dock 11
Dock 11
Dock 11