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lCARL JOSEF - is Germany's youngest comedy talent and, as befits a great genius, sits in a wheelchair. He suffers from one of the worst diseases there is: gluten intolerance. Oh yes, he also has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Carl Josef: The Hype is Wheel
Carl Josef: The Hype is Wheel © Aleksander Paric

Due to the disease he gradually loses control of his muscles. Carl counteracts this knowledge with the most powerful weapons available: joie de vivre and humor.It is precisely with this humour and the jokes about his disease that he has been stirring up the German comedy scene since May 2019 and has landed a viral super hit right at one of his first appearances.

With his cheerful manner and positive attitude he has already achieved almost 6 million clicks. His subsequent appearances also regularly reach many millions of people. Meanwhile he inspires the whole of Germany with his comedy and rocks and above all rolls the really big stages, such as the German Comedy Award, Quatsch Comedy Club, Comedy Splash and Nightwash.

THE HYPE IS WHEEL! is Carl's first (and unfortunately also last) solo tour ... besides his jokes, he also wants to point out his illness and the fate of other people affected and help that the illness is soon curable. We invite you to be inspired and carried away by this boy and to prove together that with will and cohesion EVERYTHING is possible.

True to Carl's motto: Nothing can stop me ... well, except gluten!

(Program in German)

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