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Like many other princes, the Brandenburg Elector Joachim II was passionate about hunting. He had several hunting lodges built around Berlin, including today's Grunewald hunting lodge. The construction was completed in 1543 and Joachim named the house Zum Grünen Wald. In order to get to the Grunewald better and faster, he had a club dam built from the Berlin Palace in the direction of the hunting area, the forerunner of the Kurfürstendamm.

The representatives of the Brandenburg estates blamed their sovereign for not putting enough effort into governing, but for constantly “lying in the woods” and hunting. Joachim II replied that governing was a very difficult task and that they should allow him this little pleasure. The elector was accompanied on his hunting trips by his wife Hedwig and later his lover Anna.

The castle area manager Kathrin Külow (SPSG) invites you to a special tour on aspects of hunting in the early modern period and life at the Brandenburg court in the Renaissance period.

(Program in German)
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Meeting point: Café castle box office