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The Current Elektro Akustik Tour

After their successful tour in 2022 with their latest album "The Current", Hundreds will return in May 2023 with a unique tour.

KEY VISUAL Hundreds © J. Konrad Schmidt


After performing their music with full sound in some of the most legendary venues, Hundreds are now shifting gears. As part of the Electro Acoustic Tour of "The Current," they are rearranging their songs. Known for their talent for weaving the organic with the electronic, Hundreds will completely reinvent their music on this tour, taking it back to its roots.

"We are very excited to perform our electro-acoustic set again in 2023 in great venues. For us, it's always special to rearrange the songs and perform them in a way that makes them more transparent without losing any of their punch."

The electro-acoustic tour will be packed with classic Hundreds energy and intensity.

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