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How are climate change, working conditions in a textile factory in Bangladesh and the extinction of insects in the Uckermark region connected? What does science have to do with our own lives?

Humboldt Labor
Humboldt Labor Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / schnellebuntebilder, Inside Outside | Petra Blaisse, Foto: Philipp Plum

The opening exhibition "After Nature" at the Humboldt Laboratory focuses on crises of ecological and social systems and links objects from historical collections with contemporary debates and today's research.

The guided tour provides an overview of the exhibition's focal points and thematic areas in German sign language.

  • In DGS (German Sign Language) (usually *not* translated into spoken language for the time being)
  • Price: 8.00 euros - Accompanying person free with proof of admission
  • Please book the tour in advance online or in the foyer. Information on ticketing will follow soon.
  • Group size: maximum 15 people
  • Meeting point: Staircase hall in front of the Humboldt Laboratory

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in German Sign Language
Humboldt Forum: Humboldt-Labor, 1. OG.