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„The Good Fight“

Under the title „The Good Fight“ the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRRFB) will take place from October 11 - 22, 2023 with an outstanding program.

This year, the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin is focusing on the good.

"The Good Fight" is the festival motto.

A total of over forty documentaries will be shown in the programme.

Among them are award-winning international documentaries that will celebrate their German premiere at the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin.
The films tell touching stories of people who are working for a better world. 

"We want to bring to the fore the extraordinary importance of those who fight for justice and a better world with their tireless commitment and dedication," explains festival director Anna Ramskogler-Witt. 

A brief look at the film programme:
  • "My Name is Happy" tells the story of Kurdish-Turkish activist Mutlu Kaya, who was gunned down by a man shortly before entering the finals of "Turkey's Got Talent" because she rejected his marriage proposal.
  • "Holding Up the Sky" is a film about Yanomami activist Davi Kopenawa and his son Dario, who fight together to protect their livelihood: the rainforest.
  • "The Mind Game" shows the psychological pressure to which unaccompanied underage refugees are exposed. 
  • "We have a Dream" (EN) a documentary film for children aged 6 years and older that shows children with physical or mental disabilities realising their dreams.

For the fifth time, the Willy Brandt Documentary Film Prize for Freedom and Human Rights will be awarded by an international jury. 

The film programme will be accompanied by the public discussion series "Talking Humanity", which will take place for the first time at the Documentation Centre Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation. 

Human Rights Forum 2023: Platform for interdisciplinary exchange 

Parallel to the public programme, the Human Rights Forum will be a specialised programme for filmmakers, journalists, activists and actors from civil society.

The programme will be dedicated to the topics of Storytelling & Impact and Climate Storytelling, and will offer various interactive discussion formats and workshops.

In addition, there will be a new format: in master classes, experienced personalities will talk about their lives and share their knowledge and experiences with the participants. 

"With the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin, we are giving a platform to people whose voices continue to be heard far too little. People who stand up for freedom of the press, human rights and peace. I am pleased that the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin can take place for the sixth time this year," emphasises Jan Sebastian Friedrich-Rust, founder of the festival and managing director of Aktion gegen den Hunger. 

The film programme will be presented again this year in six Berlin art house cinemas:
Hackesche Höfe Kinos, Kant Kino, Sputnik Kino am Südstern, ACUD Kino, Kino im Zeiss Großplanetarium and City Kino Wedding.
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