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Physical Theater - Circus - Dance

The first joint creation by the author duo Felix Baumann (DE) and Sean Henderson (US/CH) combines dance, physical theatre, circus and stage installation with elements of the clownesque. The performance is u. a. inspired by The Way Things Go (1987) (an art film by the Swiss artist duo Fischli&Weiss that documents a long causal chain of everyday objects) as well as by the tradition of the silent film and its makers like Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd.

In "How Things Go" two characters attempt to build something remarkable in their lives. Along the way, her encounter with the objects causes a chain of reactions in which the failure of the architecture of her plan is inevitable. But without giving up and losing their sense of humor, they carry on, stubborn as a stone falling into water.
Additional information
Studio Alta Prag (CZ), Gallerie für Gegenwartskunst/E-Werk Freiburg (DE)
Participating artists
Felix Baumann
Sean Henderson
Jakub Štourač
Jiří Šmirk