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allapopp & Janne Kummer aka.alaska

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an attempt to equip computers with intelligent behaviour and independent decision-making processes. However, it is evident that computers, like the humans they learn from, tend to exhibit discriminatory behaviour. For instance, in image recognition, where AI is frequently used, systems often adhere to fixed norms and "recognize" only men or women, perpetuating binary notions of gender.

Due to Corona requirements, the premiere of “The House of Monstress Intelligenzia” could not take place at HAU in 2022 as planned, but will now be staged in an updated form. The performance seeks to utilize glitches – perceived errors in the system – as the basis for developing an alternative, queer-feminist AI.

Media artists allapopp and Janne Kummer create an AI to dream of bodies that defy societal norms. Their performance combines queer theory, community-based learning approaches, sound, and digital visual art.

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Additional information
Participating artists
allapopp (Konzept, Künstlerische Leitung, Performance)
Janne Kummer aka.alaska (Konzept, Künstlerische Leitung, Performance)
Janne Kummer (Creative Technology, Visuals)
allapopp (Creative Technology, Visuals)
Portrait XO (Komposition, Sounddesign)
Janne Kummer (Komposition, Sounddesign)
allapopp (Komposition, Sounddesign)
Jasmin Erb (Kostüm)
Teresa Schönherr (Grafikdesign)