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»A PINK CHAIR (In Place of a Fake Antique)« undertakes a theatrical reconstruction of Tadeusz Kantor’s penultimate play »I Shall Never Return«.

In 1988, shortly before his death, the Polish theatre maker and artist, whose ground-breaking work repeatedly pushed the boundaries between visual arts and theatre, staged the play and also performed in it himself.

With the help of his daughter Dorota Krakowska as a guide and videos of the original production rehearsals, The Wooster Group is embarking on an expedition into the past of the European theatrical avant-garde and a search for a lost era — which is precisely what Kantor and his fellow actors undertook with such virtuosity in »I Shall Never Return«.

Set somewhere between Ithaca and a Polish inn, this production feels like a bequest from Kantor in which he revisits earlier plays including his first work, »The Return of Odysseus«, in which everything revolves around the central motif of the farewell.

In visually stunning and surreal scenes, revenants of past characters appear. Via the story of these characters, who seem to have tumbled out of a silent film, fragments of Kantor’s own biography are repeatedly pieced together — a biography shaped by loss, war and the constant awareness of transience and death.

It is a visionary spectacle, half nightmare, half grotesque, and an impressive example of what Kantor himself called his »Theatre of Death«.
A theatre of death that The Wooster Group and its performers are now bringing back to life by attempting the reconstruction of the reconstruction.

70 minutes
(In English with German surtitles)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Bettina Ehrlich (Dramaturgie)
Chris Giarmo (Musik und Sounddesign)
Parker Lutz (Bühne)
Tina Satter (Regie)
Erich Schneider (Licht)
Holger Bülow (Mit)
Henri Maximilian Jakobs (Mit)
Genija Rykova (Mit)
Hêvîn Tekin (Mit)