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The sound of Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France! In the spirit of the legendary Parisian hotbed of Gipsy Jazz, the Hot Club of Berlin brings the original arrangements and compositions of Django Reinhardt and his companions as well as the joy of playing and the "vibe".


The Hot Club of Berlin is led by Francisco Batista & Thomas Dekas, stylistically experienced guitarists who have been on stage with the big names of the Gypsy Jazz world such as Mozes Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Gonzalo Bergara, Sebastien Giniaux. This time they will be accompanied by Martin Buhl, also one of Django's, Schnuckenack's and Grappelli's heirs.This concert series takes place once a month at Zig Zag and the Hot Club invites different artists to pay tribute to Gipsy Jazz. With each guest, a new musical treat is brought to the table.

This time, however, it's not just one, but two: Leo Forde on guitar and Federico Zoltron on violin!

This time Laurent Humeau will be with us as a special guest. Lauren Humeau is a clarinetist and trumpet player living in Berlin for over 12 years, specializing in the swing style. He has toured all over Europe with various projects and is currently one of the leading musicians of the renowned project Jungle Jazz Band.

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