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"urban yodeling" End-of-year concert by the Berlin Jodelchor

Hornjuchzen 8 is the title of the Berlin Jodelchor's year-end concert. Why shouldn't there be yodelling in Berlin?


"Duo hatting" (Hattie Spence-Rössger and Ingrid Hammer)

The Berlin "Lokschuppel" (ThoMi Bauermeister, Markus Bischofberger, Michael Ilg, Alex Kaiser, Alban Keller, Michael Matuschka)

Start: 7:00 p.m.; Entry: 6:30 p.m. Since reservations are unfortunately not possible, we recommend that you come as early as possible!

Admission free, donations requested
Additional information


The church is a listed building and unfortunately not equipped for disabled people. Members of the yodeling choir could carry a normal wheelchair up despite the high steps; an electric wheelchair would be too heavy.

If necessary, please call 0163-1325448.