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Panel discussion on dealing with anti-Semitic street names in Lichtenberg

The namesakes of streets and squares have been discussed in Berlin for decades. There are at least 290 place names throughout the city named after people who had an anti-Semitic worldview. In the Lichtenberg district this affects eleven streets. This includes, among others, Hauffstrasse in Victoriastadt.

But how should the streets and their namesakes be dealt with? What significance do public places have for memory? What experiences have activists had with the renaming of historically contaminated places and what lessons can be drawn from this for a debate in Lichtenberg?

Ute Linz (Initiative for the renaming of Robert-Rössle-Str. in Berlin Buch), Tahir Della (Decolonize Berlin), Dagmar Poetzsch (Stolpersteine Lichtenberg Working Group) and Manfred Becker (Memorial Plaque Commission) will speak about this. The event will be moderated by Clara Westendorff (Straßenlärm Berlin e.V.).

The event was made possible in cooperation with anti-Semitism officer André Wartmann and thanks to the support of Network of Warmth.

(Program in German)
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