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On Holly Humberstone's highly anticipated debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black, the opening track and title track show that she's wasting no time. Direct, honest lyrics and sharp guitar lines testify to the British singer's determination while showcasing the evolution she has undergone over the last two years.

The darkness that permeated their acclaimed debut EP "The Walls Are Way Too Thin" is still palpable in the lyrics and music, but the songwriting and production have increased in depth and quality. This makes the music seem even denser and more delicate.

The dark and immersive space that Humberstone creates in these songs and into which she invites her fans can almost be experienced visually. These songs focus like a lens on her chaotic thoughts and deep feelings, fusing music and content into a compelling unity.

Humberstone is now opening up her inner world. Writing songs, shaping sounds, and their open energy proved to be a tonic in dark times. It gave her the strength to develop her sound and her songs so powerfully. Themes of lost love, familial bonds and the deep-rooted fears of youth merge with an organic sound production held together by her soaring voice.

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